recent movies 2008-10-12


It's strange that Spike Lee covered 2 issues, cheating and racism, in a single movie, and none reduced to a subplot. What's also strange is that there's little to celebrate in this tired and ageing Jungle Fever (given Lee's amazing credentials), although the scene where the protagonist resigns is commendable. Another strange thing is it was the first time I saw this piece of shit, old and popular as it is.

I also don't like the fact that someone(s) claimed that TransAmerica is excellent. Sure we don't get much movie coverage of transgender issues, but I hate it when artistic prowess is ignored in favour of politics when judging excellence. By the way I became surprised that the protagonist was played by a woman.

It always is a pleasure watching the lead villain of the Saw movie series, which really pushes the boundaries as regards unbearably-explicit gore, but most importantly, a rather fresh and powerful premise (having individuals choose between separate ghastly ends, one of which leads to survival). I even feel that he outdoes himself here in the fourth installment, which unfortunately feels hurried while also employing excessive use of editing to enhance certain scenes.

The supporting cast of Room 1408 did quite a commendable job, most notably Alexandra Silber's turn as a fan of one of the author's work. Even Samuel L. Jackson isn't annoying as usual, but I wish the movie's premise could have been explained better.

Hellboy 2 is far better than its predecessor and offers the sort of creature extravaganza only last seen in the Star Wars series. Its central concept is similar to that of The Mummy 3 (awakening an ancient and near-indestructible army) and I wonder if the writers were aware. Luckily the material received better treatment in this Hellboy 2. And it's also amazing that you can get such amazing martial arts choreography in Yuen Woo Ping's absence. Oh, and I couldn't help but notice that the walking fish is modeled after that talkative robot in Star Wars. It's also obvious that some (at least one) of the creature designs were inspired by childkiller from Pan's Labyrinth, and much of the designs look childish and unconvincing.

R. Lee Ermey doesn't miss a step in the bad and unnecessary horror flick, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.

One movie that should be forbidden from the eyes of all is The Forbidden Kingdom, even though I enjoyed it more previously.