recent movies 2008-05-28


Me being a big sucker for martial arts shows, especially when it gets as exotic as having 2 near-invincible monks strutting their stuff in ancient China, what can I do but marvel? Jackie Chan manages to remain interesting (unlike in his other disgusting efforts) while Jet Li is about as cool as ever, although the movie tends to be too childish and playful, which spoils it all. The biggest fuck-up however is the appearance of the American teenager, the same-old fuck-up that is so common, where you only wanna see Orientals, 'cuz Caucasians just don't fit in this sort of environment, making it feel cheap/fake; and despite that this teenager don't have no previous experience, he still manages to stand his own against supposedly-professional soldiers; I haven't mentioned the lack of acting skill. I have here been talking of the long-awaited Jet Li/Jackie Chan collaboration named The Forbidden Kingdom. [update]

Hard Candy is intense with an edgy feel to it, and features 2 highly-dedicated performances, a well-written dialogue, and got the earliest ever twist of any movie I've seen.