me got meself another coding job


Some years ago, I was totally excited by having my first job working on software. I am very grateful for the chance the owner, who interviewed me for the position, took on me. I learned an incredible amount of stuff.

Some months ago, a friend enticed me to the idea of doing something else, giving me contacts for some company building software and electronics products for the mining industry. So I wasn't actually looking for work, but I was glad of the opportunity since I was sort of stagnating, and it really looked like this new company did some fun stuff, and I got the vibe that I'd really get challenged.

It's been 3 months now, and my guess was right. I keep getting surprised by the levels of smart I encounter regularly. These are the sorts of people I simply can't match with my lesser brain, but am glad to work with, since they teach me so much.

The systems we build are embedded, so I spend most of my time working with C and C++, and it tends to be a serious challenge, given that there's a lot less hand-holding with those than with my favorite, Python.