me got meself a coding job


I had one of the most exciting moments in my life when I got offered a job at a software development company (the title is Analyst: Software Engineering). I don't even know what my planned-for tasks are, and I was all the more surprised because I think I didn't do well at the interview. Great news is I didn't expect a coding job so soon, especially given I don't have previous professional exposure.

I am an electronic technician by trade and am pretty unhappy in my current job (testing, calibration, and fault-finding of gyro-stabilised airborne surveillance/observation systems). That's partly because I don't really get challenged since I'm on a production line. I do strongly doubt I'd be job-hunting was I in development/engineering.

Best of all however is I'll be working on software, a dream job really, considering I love computers and all, and specifically the software part of it. Electronics is fine too, but the last time I really got close to it was back in school, and I'm here talking of design, not "testing, calibration...".

How lucky can one get!