WTC twin towers and the BBC documentary


I normally dislike documentaries which tend to be dumbed-down, over-emphasizing certain concepts, and worse still, treated with over-dramatic music and other cinematic touches like re-enactments and camera play. That's why Part 1 of Imagination: A Short History of Tall Buildings, happens to be quite a relief, since it turns to be of mild presentation with excellent use of music, apart from also being a very effective piece in its primary purpose of providing information. It actually brings again to life my love for high-rises which, in my memory, really began when I saw a tremendously gorgeous picture of the Manhattan skyline, with the twin towers at the center, an image I found in World Book Encyclopedia back in 1995. That image made me fall in love with those twin towers, which to me were the most interesting structures in all of New York, such that I still don't understand why I hear that many didn't like the structures, the reason for which I still have to find out.