Why Did I Watch This Crap?


Why did I watch Why Did I Get Married? To answer the question, it was mostly out of curiosity really, and that's because it proved a hit among female Black folk.

Why I wasn't interested in from the onset is because I expected sobby and formulaic non-sense and that wasn't helped much by a history of shitty Black American romance (which normally went straight to video). Well it turned much worse that i expected actually with a dumb and amateurish script and disgustingly-bad performances, especially from Jill Scott, that very same individual who took part in what I'm tempted to call the best modern RnB album ever, Who's Jill Scott. What of Janet Jackson in a performance much lesser than that she gave in Poetic Justice? And I kept wondering what's up with the constant preaching about God's love and shit like that. Why shitty ass dialogue like this ever sees the big screen truly is mysterious!

More Black American shit can be found in the other popular romance, Love & Basketball, which feels like a bad sitcom, but with worse lighting and script; it was a bit shocking to find that Spike Lee was involved, as co-producer.