WΔZ (2008)


Watching the first half of the movie, I saw a Se7en (urban decay and the brutal violence on some of its citizens; the tough cops investigating; oh, and the glorious ending). Yeah, it was quite intense, with a different touch of a lower budget and less glitzy style, but very effective. This was helped by an amazing cast, all well until the guy playing the informant shows his shortcomings near the end. Wonderful setup and script, until an unsatisfying (and unjustified) ending. The horrid deeds are unjustified too, and the movie doesn't offer the intense emotional impact when the credits roll. You see, movie endings are extremely important, because if they are shitty, they really mess the glory that may have already been presented. I didn't care much for the resonation with Saw movies, for the story didn't need it. This is a movie that should have risen above that level.