wajig 2.6 and 2.7


Version 2.6 of wajig has changes so small that I did not bother writing about its release, but was nevertheless very important because the bash-completion now works a lot better than before, thanks to Reuben Thomas. I also stopped wajig from accepting UPPERCASE subcommands, since a few people on the mailing list expressed dislike, and that includes project founder.

Version 2.7, the version that will be in the next stable release of Debian [update], Wheezy (Debian 7), fixes two bugs, one of which I sort of intentionally broke in order to fix some issues with the --simulate and/or --teaching options. Someone did complain about this which was good since it's a good indicator that someone actually cared about the feature. That motivated me to fix it, and I ensured that the fix was in before Debian 7 freeze.

This work is my greatest contribution for this upcoming Debian release.