Unstoppable (2010)


I thought that the critics would be with me with this for being not great, but [they actually liked it]. That's strange for I didn't see anything worthy in it. In fact there's some stupid things: there were cars parked right next to where the attempted derailment was; some train driver manages to keep the speed of the train super-humanly constant, when driving in reverse. More annoying is the subplot regarding the conductor's troubled marriage, which is maybe as bad as Denzel Washington's uninteresting performance. The guy is just plain overrated, and always plays himself (instead of seeing the character he plays, I see him playing the character).

There was also no character development. If you are not going to bother creating decent characters, at least try make them interesting. Well, at least the daughters of Denzel are pretty, but they are nothing other than filler material. They tried make them interesting by having them work at a strip-club though, which reminded me of Will Smith's stripper gal in Independence Day. None of these served the story in any way, so it's a strange distraction in my eyes.

[they actually liked it]: