Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)


first review (2009)

Of course the 2nd Transformers movie is going to have superior visual effects to its predecessor but nothing more groundbreaking. You oughta love the destruction of the aircraft carrier though. And the same complaint I had with the first one is that there's way too much going on as regards the action such that I can't keep up.

It appears I wasn't the only one who loved the human hero's parents in the first movie, as evidenced by their far greater screen presence here, and they don't misstep here too. But they don't help advance the story, which is pretty much non-existent anyways.

I don't remember anything believable, and at the end of it ya feel like what a waste!, but then the entire concept of the Transformers is pre-juvenile anyways!

second review (2010)

A revisit of The Transformers 2 was an unpleasant experience. It makes apparent the farce/silliness the entire concept actually is. I am especially annoyed by the impossible survival our heroes have, and worse still, none of the members of the military are any interesting. It's nearly unbearable and just too noisy. It's as bad as the first.