top music videos


These are the best music videos I've seen yet (with a disclaimer that the list is largely unmaintained). Excellence in the track concerned contributes to the magnificence of its video... I'm a fan of nearly all the corresponding tracks:

  1. Next Movement (The Roots)

    The odd positions that our stars take and the overall beauty of it makes it an eternal favourite of mine, not to mention fact that the track is among my hip-hop favourites. The simplicity of the video contributes and so is the fact it remains entertaining despite that it's shot in just one room, which is the kind of inventiveness I admire in art.

  2. That Thing (Lauryn Hill)

    Flawlessly merges the views of two eras on one screen.

  3. Got Till It's Gone (Janet Jackson)

    Great direction and cinematography as well as the casting makes this an eternal masterpiece.

  4. Stranger in Moscow (Michael Jackson; Director - Nick Brandt)

    Among the best camerawork and editing with magnificent slow-motion scenes.. towards perfection.

  5. The Sixth Sense (Common)

    Excellently capturing an unexplained event which looks like some sort of chaos, causing looks of despair and wonder among the characters concerned, some catching it on tv, some near the event... powerful.

  6. Everything is Everything (Lauryn Hill)

    Great VFX showcasing NYC as a turntable are hard to beat.

  7. Hey Mama (Black Eyed Peas)

    About as energetic as music videos get, it has great dance sequences and is very well-made, except the editing is just too frantic. There are a few highlights, but none beats the bridge section... nice use of retro visuals and more delicious dancing.

  8. Respiration (Mos Def & Talib Kweli feat. Common)

    Beautiful images of them great rappers strutting their style enhanced shot by the black and style camerawork with some wonderful busy city images.

  9. Ebumnandini (Doc Shebeleza)

    Few videos were aver able to capture the township party scene with such energy and believability. The cinematography is quite good too.

  10. Who We Be (DMX)

    I usually like DMX's music videos because of their craftsmanship and the messages they portray -- staying away from the annoying booty-shows that so many successful other rappers employ. This one is armed with some excellent editing, some good visual effects, and some real-life footage all put in the mix.

  11. Love of My Life (Erykah Badu)

    Erykah Badu's performance, as is the case in her videos, draws one's attention, despite a huge anti-climactic slow-down in the middle of the song.

  12. All 'n my Grill (Missy Elliot)

    This could have been higher in the ratings had its mighty New York settings -- with the dark lighting and that famous yellow-taxi scenery -- not been interrupted by the boring dancing that Missy likes so much in her videos.

  13. Feel It Boy (Beenie Man ft. Janet Jackson; Dir: Dave Meyers)

    Gorgeous, mellow, and digitally-manipulated environment which offers rare warmth. It boasts perhaps the largest collection of gorgeous women of any music video I've seen. Jackson doesn't look comfortable though, with unnatural poses.