The New World (2005)


I've since watched Disney's Pocahontas over a decade ago and remember it leaving quite an impression, and it does deserve a revisit, even though I'm pretty sure it won't match the tremendously superb re-telling in The New World. That's a movie in which we are blessed with amazing story-telling, aided by amazing editing, costume design, and characterisation (the immeasurably-rich native behavioral customs which probably exceeds that of the Apocalypto; the struggling white inhabitants and especially the kids).

The woman playing Pocahontas must have been quite a search, given that she's so perfect and gorgeous and all that shit. Collin Farrell, who helped me undermine the movie on first appearance, does manage to pull quite a decent performance too.

I only realised this was Pocahontas when shown on the end-credits. Yeah, I watched the movie almost by accident. That it is romance made me worry, since it's hard to find good ones. It doesn't disappoint in that department, and the courtship moments are just about unbeatable. It's like paradise.