The Butterfly Effect (2004)


I once hailed this as a masterpiece, and though it remains excellent, the emotional punch it carries has been reduced. The movie feels like it's cut short even though it's nearly 2 hours long. I enjoyed the story so much, with it's multiple alternate-reality stories concept, that I wanted more and more of it. It's done quite well, but none of the stories are given enough treatment, resulting in the movie feeling too short.

The 7-year old boy gives one of the best child performances I've seen yet, but the movie's best is that by the fat friend in college, while my most favorite was the religious guy who sharing a cell with the lead character. It was quite interesting to have the actors take different roles in each alternate reality.

I would have preferred superior camerawork, not the shitty tv-like one, which was most evident in the very first scene.