The Bang-Bang Club (2010)


Comments on articles tend to be bad, and if you are lucky, just decent. They are seldom outstanding though, as seen of these ones which are critical of the article they respond to. Basically what's happening is that the critic does offer a decent review, summarizing the story nicely, but then resorts to unjustified criticism. That is sad, especially because I found the movie quite good. Read them (the comments), for they are better reviews than mine.

I am still going to given mine of course, by mentioning two main things I really appreciate about the movie:

This is an important movie, and it's sad that it hasn't achieved the popularity it deserves. I'm still not going to claim it's a masterpiece because, other than that performance, I'm not sure I wanna give it a repeat viewing. It's not because it's unpleasant. It just feels that what kept me glued were moments that won't be so thrilling second time around. I don't know, I'll see.