Still Grazing (2004)


My favorites from this, the best album by Hugh Masekela:

  1. track 2 - Ha Lese Le Di Khanna

    A remake of a track from Masekela's 1993 album, Hope. It's far superior to both the original and the second remake, found in the 2001 compilation, Grazing in the Grass: The Best of Hugh Masekela. It's a masterpiece! I am tempted to call it the best of this musician.

  2. track 6 - Grazing In the Grass

    It's perhaps not fair to place this old classic here since, if it was remade, doesn't sound any different from its form when it was first released in

  3. track 5 - Bajabula Bonke (The Healing Song)

    Hugh Masekela must have really loved doing the vocals on this one. One could feel the passion. The song sadly doesn't end too well... the last minute or so is anti-climactic.

  4. track 7 - Gold

    Not a very typical song, more like an experiment. Also quite sad... it's about economical exploitation.

The only let-down of a track in the whole 11 track album is the 10th, Been Such A Long Time Gone. You wonder how it slipped in there. The 11th track, Stimela (Coal Train), is not the best version of this beloved song. It's of mere decent quality. To be fair, it's also not the worst.