Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989)


I have just one piece of memory of this movie, and it's of James Spader sitting naked watching women talk of sex on video. I can't recall anything else, other than that I really found it boring, but that was back in the 90's. I probably didn't even watch the whole thing.

Anyways I really loved the movie this time around. The direction is really amazing, with wonderful performances, especially from Andie McDowell. Not only desirable, but a fuckin' excellent performance. She isn't a bad actor, but I don't remember her shining like this elsewhere. As for James Spader, I don't remember enjoying any of his performances, until now. Well, not entirely, but I loved his portrayal of mystery guy in his early scenes. Great character development there.

The dialog is excellent, and the story simple, and it feels really fresh. Quite a feat, considering that it's made in the 80's (there's hardly anything still fresh from that era).