rustc compile times


Running ./ build --stage 1 on a codebase that already has LLVM built results in the following as the last line:

Build completed successfully in 0:47:06

The tools themselves, which get built last, take about 10m to built, and are part of the above total:

Following is my config.toml:

compiler-docs = true
extended = true
tools = [ "clippy", "rustfmt" ]

incremental = true
parallel-compiler = true

Following is the commit I built:

❯ git show
commit 96dd4690c3aa70ec312448c3f2d50e6dc6fb87df (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
Merge: 77f95a89a10 3f3e0ee4b04
Author: bors <>
Date:   Fri May 29 11:16:45 2020 +0000

    Auto merge of #72671 - flip1995:clippyup, r=Xanewok

    Update Clippy, RLS, and rustfmt

    r? @Dylan-DPC

    This makes Clippy test-pass again: 3089c3b

    Otherwise this includes bugfixes and a few new lints.

    Fixes #72231
    Fixes #72232