Rust week of 2017-11-09


I've done nothing regarding the previous two weeks, but this week had a look at Elasticsearch crates, as part of an effort to do some functional testing of the system at work. What I found was a forest of APIs without a good guide, but eventually ended up with something that queries the DB and checks if certain injected data appears. I wish there was an easy way of doing queries without having to resort to using the json! macro:

let query = json!({
    "sort": [
        { "@timestamp": { "order": "asc", } }
    "query": {
        "bool": {
            "must": [
                { "term": { "marker": "test0" } },
                { "range": { "@timestamp": {
                    "gte": "now-100s",
                    "lte": "now",

The crate that allows such typed queries happens to be incomplete and undocumented, so will ignore it for now.