RoboCop (2014)


The new suit is a lot more interesting (think the 2008 Iron Man), and greater detail given to the workings of the man-machine combo. There is good quality visual affects, and the movie was fun enough to have me wish for a longer running length. I wish better actors were chosen for the roles of wife and partner, and it would have been nice had this partner been given a meatier role. Better still, it should have been a woman, in honor of the 1987 movie. Or better still, get rid of the partner. There's enough other things to keeping things interesting. I also wish someone else was chosen in place of the uninteresting Gary Oldman, the same person who made the Nolan Batman trilogy less bearable than it needed to be.

The crime-fighting part was rather rushed, and the story not very solid. I enjoyed watching Samuel L. Jackson play a commentator, and the first scene was really good, though it felt like more was left to be said.

Overall, this is a great reboot. I can't tell if it's better than the original for it's been too long, but I think it's less scary, but also less cartoonish. The lead actor is also not as interesting. Younger yes, but a lesser actor, and a boring face actually.