Requiem For A Dream (2000)


It's only truly masterful/great movies which offer great experiences on a revisit as on the first viewing. This, Darren Aronofosky's disturbing masterpiece, is one of them. The story is quite simple, focusing on 4 characters, and each having drug additions, and it's about the horrid results that follow. There is good humor here and there, and there is a whole lot of good acting.

One thing that I hardly pay attention to is movie scores, but the one in here is among the most memorable, and it matches the movie quite well.

One tear-jecking moment is when the mommy character (played by Ellen BUrstyn) expresses the high shitness levels of her life to son. Sadly this mommy character is a little overdone (as if retarded), though her acting is pretty good.

A far superior review, even though it is a lot more negative than mine.