recent revisits 2010-08-15


The woman in Hitman is damn desirable, the movie so average (but I like the early scene set in Africa). Here's an old review from early 2008, and is still relevant:

Hitman's title character is too flawless to be believable but the characterisation and the decent performance makes the movie entertaining, barren as it is. The cop searching for our assassin gives the movie's best performance.

Ocean's 12 is still a great such a pleasure, as good as the first viewing, and among the highlights is Bruce Willis playing himself.

The bespectacled villain in Miami Vice gives the movie's best performance, and Gong Li, as ever, is a pain to watch because she carries a face that is too sad to bear, even when she smiles. The movie isn't as gritty as the first time I watched it, but I still like the rescue scene, where the heroic officer expresses superiority.