recent revisits 2010-06-28


Amores Perros is very rich, but also very disturbing and full of pain: car accident, dog-fighting, trapped dog.

American Psycho is a bit similar to Fight Club: it's about a financially sound guy who finds no meaning to life, and eventually goes insane. The one difference is it's far less accomplished and feels as purposeless as it's protagonist, but is entertaining enough to be worth a revisit.

Although revisiting Confessions of a Dangerous Mind wasn't bad at all (Drew Barrymore is desirable, George Clooney is interesting), it left me feeling that I don't need to see it ever again: the half-serious story is just too erratic.

Claiming a movie you didn't enjoy watching to be good is tough at times. in my case, that's Zodiac. I wonder what the motivation of making it was, but it at least boasts a superb performance by John Carroll Lynch, the highly-suspicious suspect. This performance I honored last time wasn't fit for a revisit.