recent movies 2010-11-30


Although there's nothing new, Our Family Wedding is such a delight, and nearly all characters are beautiful, but most especially the 2 fathers (superb acting), and their childish exploits. The thing is spoilt by some shitty comic touches here and there, especially the goat thing.

I really enjoyed the highly-underrated The Lottery Ticket; it's very well-made and funny, except it was rather too stagey with a miscast performance of Ice Cube. Of special note was the guy playing Bow Wow's friend. I could see the appeal the first moment he showed up on screen. Look out for the scene on the roof where both the guys shine.

Last Action Hero is annoying partly because it uses the same movie formula that it ridicules, though not as heavily as spoofs tend to. It's also annoying because, amidst the noise, it has 2 superb villains, the glass eye, and the child killer. I loved them back over a decade ago, and still love them now, so much that I wish their characters (extremely well done) could be exploited a little more, and in a better movie. Slater's daughter is beloved.

I'm sucker for tough women in movies (as opposed to those who act tough) and one recent such character is Carrie-Anne Moss' FBI agent in Unthinkable, a well-made movie spoilt by underdeveloped characters, most notably Samuel L. Jackson's. And I love the ending. I actually screamed excitement at the end.