recent movies 2010-11-19


There are 2 main stories in Sophie's Choice, one a fun-filled/stormy relationship between 3 people, and the other, a horrid tale of the title character's experiences in a Nazi concentration camp. Both are well-made, and Kevin Kline's performance is amazing, and Meryl Streep's, even better. Did I mention that the Nazi section is a great contender for the best ever portrayal of that part of human history It's intense as hell, and Meryl Streep is so fuckin' amazing as the victim.

The Job is superly-made but falls apart beyond halfway through, as if the writer didn't know where to run with the script. The lead character is quite admirable, the romance wonderful, and the performance of the immensely ugly Ron Perlman very memorable, as the guy from out-of-town.

I didn't think much of Invictus, and watching it was just a matter of curiosity, so I was quite surprised by its quality, and by the time the final credits sequence rolled, I thought "No wonder the movie is so good! The director is Clint Eastwood for God's sake!". More important than that is a look at Mandela's character, it was fresh insight, and Morgan Freeman does do a good job. How accurate all this is another issue though, but this is one of the best movies based in South Africa. It's production design reminds me of a Cry Freedom (about another key South African politician), as if it's some sort of tradition.

Malcolm X, which I considered a masterpiece for years (after a mere one viewing), was far less impressive on a revisit. It's not boring, but there's hardly much going for it, and none of the performances are any good (they are below average, all but Denzel Washington; Angela Basset is desirable but also cardboard), the camerawork and production design not ok, the story standard, and the whole thing overlong. It's remains an interesting exploration of the kind of shit people tend to be so ready to believe (and die for).