recent movies 2010-10-25


In Date Night, Mark Wahlberg plays the koolest guy in movies so far this year; he's hot, he got the sexiest woman imaginable who 'speaks little English', he's got the koolest IT toys, and a number of not-cheap sports cars. Okay, he's not quite as rich as Tony Stark (Iron Man 2), but he wins regardless.

I haven't watched Reservoir Dogs in many years and a revisit wasn't a let-down at all. Superb direction, excellent acting, exciting characters (all of them, especially big boss, his son, and Harvey Keitel). The opening scene is top-class and so is the dialogue throughout. The movie is amazingly meaningless too.

Amazing how Dog Day Afternoon will test your patience; the one guy whose portrayal I enjoyed more than Al Pacino's is the hostage negotiator. I like his great concern for the kidnapped. Very impressive performance. Oh, did anyone note the great resemblance between the lead FBI guy and George Bush, jnr.?

One bright spark in the (extremely) awful The Expendables is the desirable woman, and her artwork.

Not only is it's blatant religiosity disgusting, not to mention an unsatisfactory lead performance, but The Book of Eli is also like a cheap imitation of an I Am Legend.

The one thing I heard about the legend of Robin Hood is that he stole from the rich in the interests of the poor, and the movie turns out to be a Braveheart imitation instead, complete with romance and kingdom-wide heroism, and hardly any theft by this hero. Although it's pretty good, it's standard fare, and dull too, and nothing in it justifies its existence at all. There's nothing new and movie makers know it. WTF! Other than for financial gain, why the fuck did they make it?