recent movies 2009-04-14


Me don't quite know what to make of the well-made Seven Pounds, giving one no clue what the whole thing is about 'till the end, while having Woody Harrelson (perhaps) and Rosario Dawson giving their career best appearances. And that suspense simply wasn't acceptable too, and I also wonder what the story advocates... be good? And it's a very good movie too.

I was not going to post a comment, but the woman in Body of Lies is tremendously gorgeous and desirable, a central attraction in a real good movie spoilt by an untalented lead.

Sean Penn is admirable for managing to transform self so well, away from typical macho types he often plays, to a homosexual radical in Milk. Among the finest actors surely, though he's done better before.

I had fun with Clint Eastwood's mild humour in an otherwise average Gran Torino, while the much worse Role Models had a surprisely-enjoyable 'final battle'. Even funnier is Yes Man, which got a fresh concept but is fucked by common romantic comedy pitfalls.