recent movies 2008-11-06


Smart dialog can be found in The Squid & the Whale, which portrays an ordinary story of a troubled and divorcing family, complete with gorgeous performances (except I would have preferred Anna Paquin's absence). It's a strong character study, dominated by the harsh/cold, naive, idiotic (yet beloved and intelligent) older son, trying too hard to impress and support a shitty-ass asshole of a father, while all that's wrong with the world is blamed on the mother. One wishes a good number of families get to witness such beauty and introspect selves, 'cuz what the family goes through is serious crisis.

3:10 To Yuma was lesser than I expected while Jason Statham is the least of the qualities of the beautifully-shot and exciting The Bank Job. At the same time, there's way too much wizardry and dodgy martial atristry in the disorganised mess that is Swordsman, and I discovered the elastic master from Kung Fu Hustle in there, and he didn't help at all.