recent movies 2008-10-21


A really good drama can be found in the very engaging (and painful) House of Sand and Fog, which also got Ben Kingsley providing quite a performance. It also got beautiful camerawork and sets in places, and beautiful women too.

A good candidate for the ultimate 'girl power' movie is The Descent, even though I don't see the point of its subplot of a woman losing her family; And the creatures look like those from I Am Legend.

Wild Hogs is a fine movie with a fresh storyline (though City Slickers had a similar concept), but it appears its creators didn't really know how to run with the story, specially with an ending that don't do it justice; William H. Macy is pure bliss.

I was quite surprised that it was John Lequizamo playing the delightful villain in Spawn, being the real center of the movie and is about its only saviour. The guy really is talented and helps the movie get bearable. It was perhaps 10 years back when I first watched it, and even was unsatisfied especially by Satan, and then by Martin Sheen as a very miscast villain. It's a very bad movie with disgusting visuals, even for its time.

One thing that attracted me to Closer is Mike Nichol's attachment as director and he here crafts a movie of gorgeous sets and camerawork armed with a fresh and original storyline, albeit depressing.