recent movies 2008-06-12


John Leguizamo is among the most intense of actors (see Summer of Sam) and it's really impressive that he's just as skilled in comedy too. I remember his amazing turn appearance as a dwarf in Moulin Rouge, but why I write about him is his performance in a childish fable, Honeymooners, where he got no match, even though the movie's funniest moment is Cedric the Entertainer's cayenne pepper moment, possibly the year's funniest so far.

I don't quite know what to make of Boiler Room, except that it's pretty exciting with powerful performances from Vin Diesel and especially Ben Affleck, and an especially superb one from Tom Everett Scott as company boss. The initial scene, displaying the excited employees, is classic.

Something New is quite a delight really with gorgeous shots and an unfortunately standard romantic movie moments (the break-up, the get-back-together, and other shitty moments). Anyways, the story's about a brain-damaged woman who gets healed by a perfect man. Some race issues get raised and luckily aren't preached, even feeling fresh at that.