recent movies 2007-11-05


Three Colours Blue showcases wonderful cinematography (among the highlights, check the texture, lighting, and color on the lead character's bruised face in an early scene while in hospital, a work of tremendous beauty, with subtle colors, without resorting to overkill fantasy-like eye-candy seen in Amélie, another superb cinematography showpiece; I also don't have in memory such wonderful use focusing which is also gentle) as well as excellent direction and acting; The second encounter with dead man's mistress brought tear to eye, the moment where she states the widow's nature.

I once considered Magnolia a masterpiece due to the fresh and original storyline and the decent acting but the impact couldn't last additional revisits and that makes it the worst movie mentioned in this post. It happens to be merely tedious with sub-standard dialogue and pretensions of greatness.

I cannot decide which is superior between Scarface and Underground. The characters of the latter however are richer, while those of the former are quite formulaic and not believable (wife, sister, mother) who seem meant to seem essential, a matter of conformance. Scarface however has a more powerful storyline (exciting rise-and-fall story of a crime lord) while Underground, a dark comedy full of implausible events, is totally eccentric, made interesting by its varied characters, especially the romantic interest and the evil liar who later becomes an esteemed politician. It's interesting that I found Underground too eccentric, and therefore irritating, but only after the first time watching it.

The most enjoyable movie of this post is Ray, due to its wonderful music, interesting storyline and its lively editing. The character of the lead is real fun to watch and skillfully portrayed too.