recent movies 2007-07-20


I was surprised to find Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon bearable in their respective roles in the well-made The Departed.

I was disappointed that nothing impressive came out of Shrek 3 (most disgusting, besides the unbearable and uninspired script, is the poor technical achievement whereby the characters don't give no impression of weight when actually walking). I never really liked the first installment, and recognized the second as superior, partly due to the colorful new characters, notably the lovely and yet evil magician lady (mother of Prince Charming) and the cookie guy, among others. This third is the worst, and Fionna is unbearably boring, as always when she's her green self.

Die Hard 4.0 seems among the biggest of all action movies ever, rivalling Die Hard With A Vengeance (perhaps the ultimate of action movies), Bad Boys 2, and True Lies. It's interesting though that among all the supreme set-pieces, notably the mosquito-plane attack and the cracker elimination battle (which in the movie is unfortunately referred to as hacker), the movie remains underwhelming. And Bruce Willis isn't aging too well either, losing the charms which were glowing in the series' first and third installments (because the second sucked like hell, or worse!).

I wonder what fuss was up with Borat, even though I enjoyed the dinner scene (which was too short), and a few other moments.

Shall I lose hope in the 007 franchise especially with Casino Royale, the latest, among the least interesting in the 20+ entrant series. At least it got nice, laid-back and black and white opening and not-so-bad opening credits sequence.