Project Peach disappoints


To someone uninitiated with the technicalities of 3D animation, Big Buck Bunny is a serious let-down. The 8-minute clip looks unfinished and with inconsistent detail and quality in various shots as well as boring and overly-simplistic storyline, far lesser than the worst episode of its possible inspiration, the legendary Bugs Bunny cartoons. There's not a single moment where I stopped and admired anything. This wasn't a case with the previous project, Elephants Dream, which had quite a few breathtaking moments (opening sequence displaying a layer of water on a decaying and brownish surface, the scene after that displaying the 2 characters on some bridge, the scene of the moving wall, etc.) and superb fantasy concepts (the not-so-smooth elevator, the 'living' steps from nowhere).

[sidenote] Someone I showed the 2 clips pointed technical superiority Big Buck Bunny, specifically the facial expressions and especially the grass movement caused by the wind. At least he agrees with me which is a superior achievement overall.