Philip Seymour Hoffman and 'Capote'


In my search for the year's masterpiece I went on and watched Philip Seymour Hoffman's celebrated performance playing the title character in Capote. It actually turned out to be his worst performance yet (I've previously respected him for his great talent as well as playing controversial characters) even if it has been honored with a best actor Oscar. It was especially irritating perhaps because it looked so artificial as if it was some comic characterisation of the factual character he was playing.

The movie itself, though made with some skill, still falls short of interesting and is made worse for its pretiousness. Directorial decisions, like showing a near-breathtaking scene for longer than is usual for movies, leads one into a false realisation that one is watching something great, but nope, sorry. Sure the director got talent, but he ought to go elsewhere to triumph from it, well at least for me.