Pathology (2008)



Quite an original story with a spectacular opening sequence, and a touch here and there of wonderful shots (e.g. check the part where the lead drinks water greedily, the day after his first experience).

There is wonderful casting too, even though I'll have to excuse the lead and the villain. I most especially appreciate the role of the middle-aged lead of the team, played by John de Lancie. He was a pleasure to watch. There was also another nice, but tiny, performance by the guy playing the fiance's father. There's great characters, like the massive black guy, as well as the trailer-trash fat guy. The dialog is quite good too, and the make-up is even better.


The story is quite silly, and rather pointless. The lead transforms (participates in the game) way too quick to convince. There is also too much (raunchy) sex, most of which is needless. The great jealousy the villains portray is unconvincing, and so is their bullying. Also, the ending feels rushed, as if there wasn't much material to work with.

I enjoyed reading this review.