No Country for Old Men (2007)


With tremendous suspense, superb performances, great cinematography as well as immersive production design, this is easily the Coen Brother's best ever. The movie's best scene is when the Josh Brolin character explores the scene of the murdered gangsters; the atmospherics are crying of perfection, and so is the execution of it all. Another thing of note is the Coen's love for the American South characterisations (remember the touching Raising Arizona), and this is among the best such treatments (e.g. check the guy who helps jumpstart the villain's vehicle).

Kelly McDonald is a favorite here and not forgetting Brolin. And though Tommy Lee Jones does a decent performance, I could have been happier with someone else (he's not a great favorite), and his role didn't need a superstar he is. The unflinchingly evil villain is fearsome, made worse by his calm demeanor.