Network (1976)


Here's what I wrote in 2009:

For a strong satire like Network, complete with powerful appearances by Faye Dunaway and Robert Duvall, one tends to wish the entire thing was shot and edited at least as well as it's mightier counterpart, Dr. Strangelove. It's got quite some heavy-handed dialog that may have inspired the superior and much younger Good Night & Good Luck. What's also commendable is that the one voice of sane reason actually is offered by a man who is likely more cruel than all others in the story (bar those in the last meeting of course, a moment which would be a spoiler if revealed).

A revisit, as usual, didn't impress as much. I still appreciate the humor and satire, but the fact that it made me feel asleep is not a good thing. I didn't even enjoy the two performances I so praised above. I don't even remember who I was referring to by one voice of sane reason, and the latter movie I mentioned is a lesser movie overall. One thing I still celebrate though is that very last scene... the meeting.