my machines


I have, since my first machine in 2004, owned 2 other complete systems:

I currently primarily use the old P4 and it's still pretty decent at 2.66GHz and 0.5GB of RAM. It also sports a DVD-Writer and 250GB HDD, all SATA. The other systems are used by those close to me for one reason or another.

The Dell Inspiron is my most recent machine. It got 3-year warranty on it (which was quite a surprise) so I'm not touching its insides. This system currently dual-boots with Windows XP which a relative of mine uses for music production, a task he claims FLOSS can't satisfactorily fulfill.

I should note the other systems I use at work:

I've neglected to mention the other 2 systems I'm not interested in, which I use at work for some work tasks, both Windows-based (and going as far back as Windows 98!), and both under-powered but pretty well-suited to their specific tasks (except that I still have to use micro-floppy diskettes), and also uniteresting because they aren't running my favorite operating system, Debian.

That's 6 systems in total all running Debian, 3 of which dual-boot with Windows XP, 1 dual-booting with Windows Vista (the Core 2 laptop), and 2 (including my primary system, mt first) purely Debian. Of these, the only one with internet access is the desktop HP system at work actually, mainly because web-access in SA isn't nearly as affordable as I'd like.