Music is the Weapon (2004)


I have deep respect for Fela Kuti's musicianship, and more than any other musician I've ever listened to. His intense love for the craft, though I suspect that it may at times been detrimental to those surrounding him, is hard to beat. His political views seemed relevant too, as he mentions Nigerian government's oppressive acts, one of which resulted in the death of his mother. How he was going to help correct these injustices is another thing altogether

Fela Kuti was an eccentric character, at least as portrayed. He had the fearless attitude of an traditional activist, which is a quality I admire (and lack). He also promoted and practiced traditional African religion (while opposing Christianity and Islam), and polygamy, which is okay in itself, until the fact that the women themselves would not be allowed to have other partners. Maybe Fela didn't mind it (he din't mention it), but I doubt it. That's some double standards which I really hate.

The documentary itself is pretty decent, but lacks the depth I was hoping for. I guess I'm more interested in the musical Fela Kuti than the politics, even though one heavily influenced the other, making it hard to separrate the two. But check out this quality review, which is far better and more detailed than I can muster.