Munich (2005)


Here's what I wrote over 3 years ago:

Even with superb-handling and wonderful acting, it lacks intrigue (bar the memorable scene where the femme fatale gets uncomfortable treatment), so I'm only left with great cinematography and excellent sound.

I'd like to take away the "it lacks intrigue" part. It's more accurate to say it's not intriguing enough. That's because it was fun watching the planning, buying info, and even the executions themselves. Also, I choose just two performances as outstanding (Geoffrey Rush and Daniel Craig); Eric Bana (playing the lead character) isn't interesting enough to be alone on screen. The movie gets dull after that femme fatale incident due to the slower pacing. As realistic as the story feels, the info salesmen were rather romanticised. I found the aging leader, papa, a mere caricature. Not fresh.