many recent movies 2009-02-27


I don't remember any movie based in India quite as rich and vivid as Slumdog Millionaire, a painful and seemingly pointless exercise which happens to be India's answer to the similar City of God.

It was a pleasant surprise to find Darren Aronofsky helming The Wrestler, a small but solid, yet-another-fallen-sportsman-story with an amazing cast and a very strong Mickey Rourke, whose character is in such pain that death ought to be better. And this movie appears the most conventional of Aronofsky's (think of the mesmerising Pi or the heart-wrenching Requiem for A Dream).

On a lighter note, we got the most enchanting Wall-E, a touching story of undefeatable love which got a strange quality of very quick story-telling, and not a dull moment. It's superior even to its awesome predecessor, Robots. It's on the league of Monsters, Inc., The Incredibles, and Ratatouille on their heydey.

I was delighted by the light-hearted Zack & Miri Make A Porno until it insulted me with shitty-ass, formulaic, romantic comedy bullshit towards the end.

Numerous Adam Sandler comedies have showcased him as a laid-back and tough guy, but none with the flair of You Don't Mess With the Zohan, a weird and exciting fantasy/satire regarding middle-Eastern peoples. The only comparably-excellent movie Adam has been in is Punch-Drunk Love.