Following are my experiences of a musical play currently seen at State Theatre, Pretoria. It's about the life and career of Brenda Fassie, a South African vocalist who was arguably the most popular artist in the history of the country.

First viewing

The first night was the best experience I've so far had in my stage play experience. It was electrifying and the audience agreed with me, with a few goose-bumps here and there. It's amazing how larger-than-life one person can be made. It brought me much appreciation of South African art, that there's such a rich culture to export.

So what are some the elements that made me so excited, the first time around:

The fact that this was opening night may have helped a lot, as well as close to sold-out venue. Now, the shitty thing about stage is that such moments can't be replicated, and even though it may have been recorded, it's just not the same.

Second viewing

The revisit was something else. The attendance was really bad this time around (a Thursday after Friday's opening night):

Third viewing

I went to see this for the third time, this time on a Saturday, so the audience was much bigger than last time, and the show was far better, making me a little bit obsessed.