Kinsey (2004)


The title character of Kinsey, who is granted a committed performance by Liam Neeson, is a relentless and brave scientist who embarks on studies of human sexuality. The movie's academic and smart dialogue reminds me pretty much of Wit, and among its notable moments was a touching scene where Kinsey feels pain for his father's past, a moment that brought tear to eye, though nothing compared to the volume of tear delivered by a later interview with an elderly lady who happened to be grateful of the professor's book. The movie itself is a serious work, and one that's totally devoid of cinematic gloss.

Prof Kinsey must be my favorite human character in my movie memory (stern, professional, unflinchingly unapologetic about the scientific value of his work, intelligent, brave, adventurous, and brutally honest). I won't risk my integrity by saying he's the best-developed character in that admittedly weak memory, but when thinking of such a guy who went against the status quo by doing controversial research in American's sexual deeds, a tear nearly fills the eye.

Leeson's performance, excellent as it is, isn't award-worthy, but I'm too shallow to imagine anyone who can better him in this role.