Iron Man 3 (2013)


For my most anticipated movie of this year, this was less-than-impressive. I did not like seeing Tony Stark having impressive physical abilities (which was excused by some evidence of martial arts training), or the uninteresting idea of flaming villains (though the Pepper entrance was fun), or the whole story in general. Felt like mere opportunism (milking the franchise), and the abilities of the suit keep growing more and more, to ludicrous levels: In the second movie, the portable suit idea was kool, and so was the magnetic one in The Avengers. The remote-driven one in this third one is also a nice touch, but when it gets to the point of its individual parts flying themselves, I get to wish the filmmakers put a reasonable limit to the fantasy. Also, what's with the boy genius thing? What's the chances of accidentally meeting such? Are the writers so untalented?

It was still a fun movie, but it makes me miss the freshness of the first movie and the villain of the second; apart from being unconvincing, the primary one here, played by Guy Pearce, is also not interesting.