In Bruges (2008)


Great camerawork, enjoyable acting (including even from Colin Farrel, which must be my most favorite of his career), superb script (and dialog), a gorgeous and intensely desirable gal, unusual storyline, and, and... what a gem?

There is a bit of a lull partway through it, but soon after, the fun continues, and builds up to an intense and unpredictable last act, which does not feel rushed at all... it's amazing. It's also helped a lot by the superb Ralph Fiennes.

One can sense a work of a progressive writer/director, where there is also some mention (and elevation) of inter-racial relationships, and condemnation of a racist character. More importantly, there is an important character in a form of a dwarf (real nice performance there, reminiscent of that of the superb Peter Dinklage in the excellent TV series, Game of Thrones), though, ironically, he is the racist in question (but later apologises for it).