How To Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)


I loved the character design of the mother, and that includes both the look and movements. She was even better when masked, possessing awe-inspiring presence, a feeling enhanced by her great skill with the dragons. 'Her' dragons, which are newer designs from those from the earlier movie, also received great design, most impressive of which is the Alpha. Exploring the home of these dragons was quite an experience, which is weird, given the careless character design elsewhere (e.g. most of the human characters). The epic feel is among the greatest I've experienced of any movie.

The movie is full of quality humor. Among my favorites is the romantic attraction expressed by the girl for the new guy. It's recycled stuff, but well executed. There was also good humor (and charms) from the dragons; check how playful they are with each other.

I wish more time was spent with the mother, since she is easily the most interesting character in the movie. Instead, she's later reduced to a secondary character, and not even instrumental in the victory her son emerges from. Also, the writers mostly neglected the promise she made to teach this son about the dragons. Instead the movie rushes too quickly to the son (and his dragon) being pretty much the sole hero of the movie. So shallow, so sad. Wasted opportunity.