The movie is beautifully-shot, well-edited, and has an exciting concept. On first viewing, the experience of the first 30 minutes or so was so magical that I was led to think this may turn out to be at least excellent. Sadly that wasn't the case: feels like the writer didn't know where to take the story, or even how to end it. The direction style feels similar to Tree of Life, only a lot less experimental, and a lot more entertaining. A revisit resulted in something that felt rather thin and boring.

My favorite performance is that of Olivia Wilde. I've only enjoyed her once before, In Time, and I've seen her in a few other places as well, most notably the good-to-excellent TV series, House. In all that, she has never been this good (see the heartbreak moment), and this desirable. It's also a brief performance, a fact that's probably in her favor, given she's not the most excellent of actors.