Gone Baby Gone (2008)


Nearly a year after the initial viewing, I am a bit puzzled why I was so impressed so much by this movie. It remains good, yes, but I went too far by praising its direction, acting and cast, or even drawing parallels with Se7en!

One thing I got right though was the twist:

The twist is silly, and just doesn't justify everything that happened before. It sucks when movie makers don't know how to end a perfectly good story. On a positive note, that's when the lead character (Casey Affleck) chooses to do a very noble act, making him truly admirable, especially considering what he sacrificed.

As always, I was afraid a revisit would disappoint, especially because this was the remaining movie I labeled excellent in the entire year of 2012... it was going to be the best movie of the year. Sadly, not one movie from that year went beyond the very good (7/10) rating.