Godzilla (2014)


I found this so unpleasant that it made me miss the 1998 movie. None of the creature designs were any good. This includes the title character, who, in an effort to resemble the original Godzilla (1960s) ended up clumsy as fuck. You don't emulate shit costume design just to pay homage, unless you are making satire maybe, or you are a plain better director. It was also laughable having this Godzilla character be a friend to humans (stupid twist) and having it spit fire.

The human characters (and the performances) were also not interesting. Not one of them were convincing, and some were even unbearable at times (check the guy playing the heroic son, or the Japanese scientist).

The movie is noisy and the story not interesting. The all-too-common Hollywood thing about family values was hard to bear. So cheesy, so stale. Sigh!