Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (2005)


I was a lot more impressed the first time I saw this:

The complexity and technical sophistication of the fight sequences are what The Matrix trilogy only dreamed of. It's the best piece of action I've seen so far.

After a revisit, I feel like that first statement is an exagerration, even though the action really is good. Problem is that it's just too frantic, such that it's hard to notice what the fuck is going on. With that in mind, the second statement is no longer true.

I found the movie unbearable, and I find it strange that I managed first time around. I found all the talk of life force or somesuch silly, I found the characters uninteresting, I found the obsession with children's innocence overdone, I found the obsession with beautiful boys and girls needless, I found the character design (worst of which was the monster flying creature) to be of intensely bad taste, I found the choice of lighting shitty, I found the (seeming) requirement to have familiarity with the games the movie is based in order to appreciate the (complex) backstory stupid, ...