Fight Club (1999)


What would one say when reviewing what one considers superior to all other works of its kind? Following is a (lackluster) attempt.

The movie remains engaging after all these years and repeat viewings (maybe 10 times). If feels modern as any movie made today, all except for the lack of cellphones, and a presence of a CRT television set.

It's not perfect, and I wish to see something to dethrone it. Here's what I don't like:

I like everything else, and no movie has superior direction, production design, and cinematography. The cast is great too and so is the editing.

Here's an old review:

Boasts all-time best direction, cinematography, & sound editing; a supremely intriguing storyline which is so rich it could be made into 2 or 3 other features; the entire set-design and acting convinces me that Fincher, besides being the best, is also more attentive to detail than perhaps all others... there's no bad physics, no classic movie mistakes, no overuse of visual effects... this resulting in a visually- and mentally-stimulating masterpiece. Its technical and artistic perfection blows my mind away.